Josh the Word is a rapper living in Brooklyn.

Mel and Josh is a collaboration between Josh the Word and cellist/singer-songwriter Melanie Hsu. After meeting at an open mic at Wesleyan University in 2009, the two decided to jam together and those jams became the catalyst for some of the most personal songwriting either had ever done. Cello-based singer-songwriter hip-hop? Why not? And against all odds, it just worked.

Looking to find a way to capture the intimacy of the music in a concert setting, Mel and Josh went DIY and invited their friends to pack into small living room shows that became the perfect home for their live act. After playing a handful of these shows over the next two years, they collaborated with a group of musicians to record the album Analoguereleased in 2012. After a brief hiatus, Mel and Josh are back at it, with new songs in the works and several shows on the horizon in the new year.